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Rwathia Agrofarm will ship ALL produce orders on either FOB or CIF terms. Samples will be sent to receiver address by DHL or any other courier we deem fit. 

International Shipping

Rwathia Agrofarm deliver high-quality produce to all destinations across the world. We can process orders from different categories of buyers including distributors, import agents/traders, wholesalers, supermarkets, retailers and individual customers. Most of fresh avocados are shipped in CA (Controlled Atmosphere) containers to Mombasa port on route to Europe and Middle East by sea. The shipments take 12 – 15 days to reach Marseilles and 21 days to reach Rotterdam / Amsterdam. To reach Dubai, for our Middle East clients, the shipments take around 8 days.

Packing & Packaging

Packing is done in our upgraded pack-house with modern packing equipment using upgraded laminated packing 4kg cartons (35cm x 28.5cm x 9cm) or depending on the request of the customer (mostly in packaging carton boxes of 4kg, 5kg, and 10kg). The packing is done based on the HACCP Quality Assurance Accreditation and the packaging material is approved by FDA to guarantee that it does not have any damage to the product. Besides, the boxes comply with all the necessary standards for export including being cold and weight resistant.The 4kg boxes are packed into pallets which hold 276 boxes each. Every 40 cubic feet container holds 20 such pallets (276 boxes*20 pallets =5520 boxes of 4 kg each / 40-foot container.

Personalized Service

We understand that every purchase is unique which is why your order will be handled personally by a member of our team from start to finish.During the order processing, Rwathia Agrofarm will keep you updated on the shipment progress either by text or email.Rwathia Agrofarm is not responsible for any delays caused by external factors. We will, however, communicate with you as soon as possible. Should there be damage during transit, Rwathia Agrofarm is not responsible as a third party is responsible. We will, however, take any steps to ensure that such does not occur.